Murder, She Wrote

A new pamphlet, broadsheet, broadside, poster, thing: Murder She Wrote. It's part of the p.o.w. series published by Antonio Claudio Carvalho, inspired by Hansjorg Mayer's futura series from the 1960s. I'm not quite sure how to describe it other than a dark love letter to Angela Lansbury. I'll paste some terrifyingly nice words about it from Chris McCabe below, though you can read about the whole series on Chris's blog, where there's also some info on how to get hold of them.

"Chrissy Williams is one of the few poets who've emerged over the past few years who gives me that static-suspense of wondering what she'll come up with next. Williams has a gift of layering the serious and preposterous which leaves you unsure if you should be dancing with the Muppets or calling for the undertaker. Her gift is in making what might be just preposterous in other poets' work seem inevitable in hers - why hasn't anyone written a violent love poem to Angela Lansbury before? This is a resounding end to p.o.w. series 2, melding poetry that is precisely tuned and mysterious with the visual in a way that it would be hard to imagine the world without."

Overview of the broadside.

p.1 of the broadside

Murder She Wrote, Chrissy Williams, published August 2012 by p.o.w.